Pretty in Pink

Well, my week off social media didn't go exactly to plan, I ended up posting on MM's (The Merry Magpie, MM is what I'm going to shorted it to as I can't be bothered to type the full title every time!!) Instagram nearly every day, but I did browse less and try to enjoy the moment more and I do feel surprisingly refreshed and re-motivated. Following on from my last post, I given a lot of thought to MM and selling online and I think I have a new plan, more will be revealed on that soon!

Any way, enough of that, onto today's subject; colourful interiors, specifically pink! I have a weird relationship with colour in interiors, I used to be all pastels and chintzy, then I went very neutral and was obsessed (still am a little) with grey and didn't want any colour anywhere. Now, I'm still loving a neutral backdrop but I'm really enjoying pastels again, combined with splashes of black, charcoal or navy blue for added drama. The colour I keep being drawn to the most is muted tones of pink and I'm even liking red which is a colour I've never really liked in interiors!

Pretty in Pink
That pink is an amazing backdrop for the gallery wall, and the rug is gorgeous! Via designsponge
Eclectic home, pretty in pink
Pink sofa, floor cushion and that swing, eclectic living room via Honestlywtf
Pretty in Pink
Love the pink touches in the artwork, cushions and book. Also, how amazing is this gallery wall, love the use of clips to hang the paintings instead of frames. Via The every girl
Eclectic Bedroom
Ok, so this is more of a nod to pink but I couldn't ignore that green headboard combined with the pink throw, just heavenly via Vogue
Gray Malin's Home
I think I have a bit of a thing for pink sofas, love photographer Gray Malin's sitting room via Domino
Hello gorgeous pink armchair via Habitually chic
Rebecca De Ravenel
If you don't fancy a pink wall or sofa then even the smallest hints of pink 'pretty up' a space, love the light shade and flowers in Rebecca De Ravenel's apartment via Domino
Kate Schelters Apartment
It's confirmed, I definitely have a thing for pink sofas! I don't know if I would be brave enough to decorate with this much pink but I love the overall look of Kate Schelters Apartment via One Kings Lane
Anna Haines Design
Love the use of duskier pink here, in the armchair and rug. The darker wall and vintage portraits prevent the space from looking too girlie and add some drama, via Anna Haines Design
Mortilmernee Interior
I stumbled across Mortilmernee on Instagram recently and her house is just beautiful, so much interior inspiration. Just love this pink tablecloth and pink gallery wall in the background!
Now I just need to figure out how to incorporate some pink into my living room or bedroom. I have made a start with a 'keep calm and carry on' print in pink (I know what you're thinking, "that slogan is everywhere" but, in my defence, I have had the print for about 12 years before everybody jumped on the 'keep calm' bandwagon!) and a few pink cushions. What do you guys think, do you like pink in interiors? Oh and if eclectic interiors are your thing then check out my board on pinterest for more!

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