A Break in Istanbul

We've just returned from 3 weeks in Istanbul staying with my husbands family. Jacob met his grandparents for the first time, we got a little holiday and we brought back a few things for the shop too.

Sightseeing along the beautiful Bosphorous
We had a great time, relaxing with family and spending some time together thanks to the in-laws babysitting for us!

Tourist selfie at Galata Tower
Drinking coffee at Pierre Loti, overlooking one of the best views in Istanbul
Obsessed with this little shop we stumbled upon, I could have spent all day (actually all week) rummaging
Dessert Stop
We picked up these gorgeous Kilim rugs and cushion covers which will be added to the shop during a big stock update in the next few weeks
Istanbul is a strange place, it's so hectic, it takes forever to get anywhere, it's over-populated and generally an assault on the senses but there is something stragely magical about the city which straddles two continents. Every time we visit there always seems to be somewhere we haven't seen and lots of shopping to be done!

Now we are back it's full steam ahead as we're moving into a little storage/office/photography/studio space in the next few weeks. We definitely need to decide on a catchier name for our 'unit' but we are very excited and feel this could take our little business to the next level. I'll be keeping you all posted and as soon as we're settled, I'll be doing a massive shop update and will let you all know!

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