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Feed me Vegan by Lucy Wtason

I don't really make new years resolutions but it is tempting to see the new year as a time to make some changes and one of those changes for me was to get back into cooking and trying out different recipes, it's so easy to get stuck in a rut, always making the same things or living on takeaways or convenience food. I am also really aware (as we have now started weaning Jacob) that I want to set a good example for my son and want to be able to cook one meal that we can all enjoy, so it needs to be healthy!

With this in mind, I recently bought Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson. I've never been a massive meat eater and often have days where I don't eat meat at all but I know that I definitely could not commit to a vegan diet fully as I love my dairy, especially cheese! There are many great alternatives to meat such as quorn and tofu but I really don't think the 'dairy free' alternatives are anywhere near as tasty as the real thing! Even though I won't be committing to the lifestyle fully, I'm enjoying the challenge of cooking vegan recipes and its definitely a way of increasing the amount of vegetables and pulses I'm eating as well as just being a little healthier in general!

Vegan cooking

Vegan recipes

vegan recipes

I've tried a few of the recipes from the book and so far, they have been delicious and not the sort of thing I would have cooked without the inspiration from the cookbook. I'm planning on trying out a new recipe at least once a week as well as trying to eat less meat in general. I'll be posting about how I'm getting on and, if I can my photos look anywhere near as good as the ones above, I'll show some photos of the recipes I've tried. Wish me luck!

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