Currently Loving: Basket Bags

I've got a bit of a thing for natural materials and I love (and often bring home) any sort of basket made from wicker, rattan, jute, cane or straw. This love affair has always spilled over into my wardrobe - I remember being a teenager at school and having a really cute little straw tote embroidered with roses and being absolutely obsessed (and kind of still am) with French market bags.

I think I'm over the 'belly basket' now and am finding myself really drawn to chic vintage style baskets and more unusual woven bags. Whilst out over the bank holiday weekend, I picked up a little vintage number and am currently having ideas about customising it, this has reignited my love for a basket bag so here are some of my current faves:

Currently loving: basket bags
Chic Woven basket bag via Pinterest
Currently loving: basket bags
Still loving a pom pom via Furbish Studio
Currently loving: basket bags
Liking the unusual round shape via Bohemia Design
Currently loving: basket bags
Always a sucker for a cross body bag via Bohemia Design

This beauty is just £9 from Primark!
I keep toying with the idea of buying a backpack but always think they look a bit 'teen' this one however is seriously chic! Via Pinterest
Yes please to a raffia clutch via Pinterest. Oh and that blue tassel bag charm is coming to the shop very soon as part of our Summer accessories collection!
Simple but stylish straw shopper via H&M
In love with this half moon straw clutch via asos - perfect for holidays!
As I've mentioned before I'm currently working on a little accessories collection for the website and I'm thinking of stocking a small range of baskets/bags, some vintage, some customised and some new - what do you guys think?

For more of my woven bag obsession, check out our pinterest board.

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