Ray Donovan
Really enjoying 'Ray Donovan' at the moment, Ray is a 'fixer' for the Hollywood elite, basically doing their dirty work whilst also dealing with a very complicated family life of his own. Full of complex characters and amazing houses, this show just keeps getting better and better, plus Liev Schreiber is pretty easy on the eye too!


Gallery Wall via Pinterest
Obsessed with collecting art and wall decor to create gallery walls in pretty much every room in the house at the moment! I'm trying to do a bit of a high/low mix and I definitely want to incorporate some original art not just lots of prints. On another note, how gorgeous is the set-up in the room above?!


Dining Room Alcove
Tying in with my 'wanting', I've been adding a few pieces of wall decor here and there. My mum bought me the gorgeous vintage bird sketch, I'm always drawn to anything with an Oriental feel so she knew I would like this, and she was right! I found some blue, green, black and mustard Ikat fabric on ebay for a ridiculously cheap price so I framed it and hung it above the bird sketch, you can't really appreciate the colours, but they are a lot more vibrant than they appear in the photo! It's so nice to fill this alcove a little, it's a shame about my router and landline, they don't quite work with my scheme but they are necessary unfortunately! Every time I look at this little vignette, it instantly makes me happy as the table is full of found and collected objects such as the shells and fossils. The dining room is the next project so stay tuned for a reveal on that soon.


Really not good for my waistline but I can't get enough of Mexican food right now and I'm really enjoying spice, give me jalapenos with everything please! I always tend to go for burritos, the perfect combination of Mexican and carbs...heaven!

Shop Talk

These and more added to the sale section of our etsy shop
I feel I have really been neglecting the shop lately, what with getting ready for the baby and everything we're doing in the house it has kind of taken a back seat but I'm getting back to it over the next few weeks, my head is full of ideas! I want to add a wall decor section - possibly a reflection of my wanting and doing above, plus I have more Kilim rugs to add and some great vintage finds too! In the meantime, I've just added lots of items to the sale section of our etsy shop.

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