A nod to Valentine's Day

I'm not a big Valentine's Day girl, we don't really do much to celebrate, I'm cooking Tefo his favourite meal (fish pie) and then we'll watch The Walking Dead....which thinking about it is not the most romantic TV show but we both love it!

So seeing as it is Valentine's Day, I thought I would share some pretty interior shots featuring a colour I'm really drawn to at the moment - blush pink.

Pink Details - Pauline Shouf via at{mine}
Pink door - Pinterest
Gorgeous Pink Fabric - Kate Schelter
Dreamy Pink Sofa -Sofa . com
Romantic Bedding - Pinterest
Elegant Pink Sofa - Kate Schelter
Gorgeous Blooms - Pinterest
Shelf Details - Julia Konya via at{mine}
Hint of Pink - Katy Orme via at{mine}
Blush Pink and Green Inspiration - Pinterest
Happy Valentine's Day folks!

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