How to: Decorate for Christmas (on a budget)

I have a bit of a confession to make, I don't really decorate much for Christmas....I know, its shocking, considering I love interiors, why do I not jump at the chance to change my decor? Well, we tend to spend Christmas at my parents so coming home to a house full of decorations after the festive season seems rather depressing, plus if I'm totally honest, I strugle to find decorations that I really like. I find it near impossible to stick to a theme because I'm drawn to so many different styles and then the house just ends up looking a mess!

So, I've decided that this year I'm going for a 'natural' vibe that isn't specifically for Christmas but more of a 'winter wonderland', 'cosy cabin in the woods' kind of look that won't look strange after Christmas and can last well into the New Year.

How to decorate for christmas
Here are my top tips for creating the look:

1. Get foraging - This is the biggest and most budget friendly tip, you can create such a Christmasy feel with some greenery, pinecones and driftwood collected for free! There are endless uses for pinecones, dot them around a room for a rustic feel, spray them with fake snow, spray paint them silver or gold, add them into a wreath, use them in a hurricane lantern, the list is endless!

2. Add greenery - This point ties in with the tip above, while you are out hunting for pinecones, keep your eyes peeled for any greenery, this could be anything from spruce to holly, ivy or even just twigs and branches. If you don't have access to any woodlands or country walks to forage, you can buy faux greenery from places such as The Range for very reasonable prices. As soon as you add some festive greenery to a mantel, sideboard, the centre of your table or wrapped around the bottom of your hurricane lantern, you have instant Christmas!

3. Get Creative - getting a bit crafty and having a go at some DIY's is the best way to save money over the Christmas period, plus you end up with something completely unique and a fun project to keep kids occupied over the holidays! Why not try baking some salt dough decorations or gift tags, have a go at making a garland (adding some pinecones and hanging decorations to some string or ribbon can look very effective) or a wreath, create your own arrangements and centrepieces in vases or old buckets, dry some orange segments or add some cloves to an ornage and hang with a ribbon, or really buck the trend and add some branches to a vase adorned with hanging decorations rather than a tree.

how to decorate for christmas
4. Add candles and fairy lights - This is such an easy one and may seem obvious but as soon as you add twinkling candle light or pretty fairy lights everything just seems so much cosier and more festive, again this doesn't have to be expensive as you could just dot tealights around or if you're worried about candles with children or pets, use LED battery powered candles instead.

Fig Interiors via Instagram
5. Create a focal point - This is a clever way of decorating for Christmas whilst sticking to a budget and not going crazy. If you pick one area to concentrate on, say your mantel for example, you could adorn it with greenery, pinecones, any decorations from previous years, hang stockings (if its safe to do so!) and candles for a really high impact effect. That way the eye is drawn there and it cuts out the need to scatter decorations throughout the rest of the room and even means you can get away with not having a tree as the mantel is your focal point. This is what I plan on doing in my living room as I won't have a tree. Lookout for photos of my Christmas mantel soon....which sadly won't look anything like the gorgeous mantelpiece below!

how to decorate for christmas on a budget
By following my top tips above, you can create a unique festive home for very little money and enjoy the process too! Check out my Rustic Christmas pin board for more inspiration. Happy decorating!

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