Simple Halloween Updates (on a budget)

We don't tend to go too crazy for Halloween in our house, I do get weirdly excited about pumpkin carving, probably too excited for a 29 year old with no children but hey! This year we're planning on stocking up on snacks and settling down to watch the walking dead, speaking of which, did you guys see the first episode of season 7? Intense doesn't even cover it! Any way....I digress, I've been thinking about some simple updates I could incorporate to make the house feel a little more Halloweeny (is that a word?!) and possibly leave out for Autumn too.

Read on for my top tips to achieve simple, stylish Halloween decor.

Stylish Halloween

1. Pick a theme and colour scheme - Sticking to a theme and a restrained colour palette makes it easier to plan and decorate and keeps everything cohesive. So, you could stick to mainly black, with some metallic details for example.

2. Get your spray paint out - A great way to stick to a budget is to work with what you already have and paint it to fit your colour scheme, this doesn't need to be anything permenant, you could trim some branches from the garden, loop them into a wreath and spray them black, or maybe collect some leaves or feathers and create a garland.

Halloween Updates

3. Create floral arrangements - Adding some Autumnal flowers or branches to a large vase or inside a pumpkin is a great way to add some drama, you could even add some plastic bugs, bats or spiders for extra sinister effect.

Halloween Updates

Halloween Updates

4. Use lots of candles - Tealights and candles are a great way to add atmosphere, using black candles in metallic holders would work really well for Halloween as well as Autumn. If you have children and are worried about lighting candles then LED battery lights are a great alternative. 

Stylish Halloween Updates

5. No carve pumpkins - A great way to add some decorative touches without spending too much money or getting too messy is to spray paint pumpkins and/or add embellishments and group them together for added impact.

Stylish Halloween updates

6. Have fun and mix things up a little - Finally add some whimsical touches such as, cobwebs, moss, bats, spiders, cats and skulls, after all Halloween is the perfect excuse to go a little crazy with your decorating and have fun!

I've created a board on Pinterest, as I am slightly obsessed with the online pin board, check it out for more inspiration. Have a great Halloween folks!

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