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I thought I'd give you guys a little update with our online shop and let you know where we're at with it all. We are planning on launching the website and online shop in October, when we are back from our holiday and I'm so excited about it! Those of you who have followed our journey a little will know that we have been selling on etsy for a while now and have had websites in the past, our last website crashed and unfortunately we couldn't get it back so we've had to start again. In a way, I am pleased it happened as it's given us a chance to go in a slightly different direction and I feel the new website will be our best yet, it's really mirroring my own personal style and will be full of the things I love!

Shop Talk
Bohemian Bowls
I describe our style as 'where playful meets proper'; I always favour a classic, simple and timeless backdrop warmed up with eclectic details, global textiles and fun accessories.

In the new online shop you can expect to find lots of colourful ceramics, with a bohemian feel, as well as old and new rugs and of course our Turkish Kilims.

Shop Talk
Vintage One-Off Rugs
Fair Trade Textiles
As I'm slightly vintage obsessed, the shop will feature one-off vintage finds that we have collected on our travels, I couldn't have a shop that didn't involve vintage and antique pieces, I love imagining their past life and, in my opinion, they bring a space to life by adding soul and individuality.

Shop Talk
Monochrome Vintage Finds
Shop Talk
Colourful Vintage Plates
As a reflection of my permanent wanderlust, the shop will have a travel inspired vibe, we're currently putting together a collection of colourful and fun accessories including some items of jewellery and bags.

Shop Talk
Turkish Towels and Tassel Necklaces
I am really excited to launch the website and have lots of plans for the future, one of which will hopefully be a 'pop-up shop' or 'online market' where products will be themed and in very limited quantities or even one-offs. I'm thinking global finds bought back from travels, one-off vintage pieces, handmade items and hopefully some collaborations with designers too.

The launch collection will be an edited inventory of homewares and accessories that I love and I hope you will too. For more updates and some behind the scenes goings and doings check out our shop and my personal instagram accounts.

See you in a few days with a 'how to' on updating your living room, quickly, easily and on a budget!

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