Current Vibes

Sorry I've been a bit quiet lately, we've had a busy few weeks and now we're gearing up for our last week of trading in our little pop up shop in Shifnal Shropshire! Here's just a few recent goings on.

Current Vibes
Having a move around.
We've reduced most items in our little shop as we leave at the end of day on Saturday 6th August, so call in if you're in the area!

Current Vibes
This made me chuckle on Instagram!
This pretty much sums up how I'm feeling everyday on my current health-kick!

Current Vibes
Can you spot the side table?
I shared this image in my last post about holiday homes but did you spot the perspex side table in this dreamy bedroom? I just love it and its started a slight perspex obsession....more on that in a post soon!

Currently working out to this slightly old school DVD set from Davina McCall, I'm not really a gym person....to be honest, I'm not really an 'exercise' person but I'm really trying to become more active as some recent health issues have encouraged me to be a little more healthy. The thought of being red and sweaty in a gym full of people fills me with fear so I'm starting in my living room with this DVD and will maybe work up to the gym, one day!!

Current Vibes
Coral Love!
I'm a little obsessed with coral at the moment, this gorgeous white piece sold recently but the purple coral will be making its way to our new & improved online shop soon, thats if it doesn't get caught up in my dining room make-over....more on that soon!

Current Vibes
Rugs in kitchens = gorgeous!
In love with this kitchen I found on pinterest, I love the rustic meets industrial meets chic vibe and that rug is just perfect!

I hope you all had a great weekend, I'll see you soon with a post about my current perspex home decor obsession!

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