How to: Style a Coffee Table

How to style a coffee table
Burlap and Lace
WARNING: This blog post will not make you popular with husbands, boyfriends, partners, kids or housemates! My husband goes crazy over our coffee table, for him, it is just that, a table to rest your cup, the remote control and sometimes his feet! For me, it is another way to add accessories and style up the living room.

How to style a coffee table
Colourful Coffee Table
There aren't any rules as such, it more about using accessories you love, but whether you go down the colourful route as above or a more rustic neutral vibe, there are some simple tricks which work every time.

How to style up a coffee table
Refined Rustic Coffee Table
 1. Layer it up - Use piles of books or magazines to add layers and height to a coffee table, you can use books in similar colour hues and stack them at similar heights for a smarter look, or mix it up a little with multi-coloured books at different heights for a more casual feel.

Useful Tip - If you don't want to spend money on expensive design books, you can pick up books very cheaply from chairty shops and markets, if you don't like the colour of the cover you could always re-cover them in fabric or paper or even just rip the covers off for a more rustic look (as long as they're inexpensive and unwanted books)!

2. Use trays - Anchor bits and pieces on trays, I mentioned this in my curated home post, grouping smaller items on trays creates more of a vignette and makes items look more grounded.

3. Add accents - I love using candles and flowers on top of books on my coffee table but you could add anything you like really, a carafe full of water (or wine!), a potted plant, a collection of paperweights, shells, pebbles or foraged items, a decorative box (possibly to hide the remote in) or some small decorative accents.

Useful Tip - For decorative accessories on a budget, hunt around your local charity shops, you'll be amazed at what you can find. Also, take a look at etsy for some fantastic vintage finds at reasonable prices!

4. Add grenery - Whether its a small posy of flowers or a faux plant, a touch of the organic will lift your coffee table and add texture and interest.

How to style a coffee table
High Street Market
How to style a coffee table
William McLure
How to style a coffee table
The Every Girl
Happy styling! Who used coffee tables for their cup of coffee anyway?!

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