Easy Peasy Pasta

I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment, we have just booked a holiday to Turkey and I've been backwards and forwards to the doctors having tests recently (more on the holiday and tests in another post soon), so, I'm trying to be a little more active and watching what I eat.

One of the main things I've been trying to do is cut back on refined carbohydrates, you may now be thinking, "why is this post about pasta if you're cutting down on carbs"?!! Well, notice I said 'cutting back' not 'cutting out' and I just LOVE pasta! So, no bread and less potatoes means I can occasionally indulge in some pasta.

Easy peasy pasta

I made this the other night and mine didn't look as appetising as this so I totally stole these photos from the original recipe post!

This was so quick and easy to make and as it can all be done in a couple of pans, it saves on the washing up too! I love that you can switch out the ingredients really easily, use other veggies if you're not a broccoli fan or make it with wholemeal pasta if you're being extra good!

Easy peasy pasta

Easy peasy pasta

I didn't have any crushed red peppers so I used crushed chillis which worked really well and I added chopped onion as I love it and I wanted to get some more vegetables in there. You could also add chicken too. Yummy and easy, perfect!

Check out the recipe (and more yummy recipes) here.

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