How to: Upcycled Wooden Tray

I'm a little obsessed with trays, dishes, plates, anything where small items can be grouped together to create a little vignette. I also like to decorate on a budget and recycle as much as I can, so when I came across these wooden trays I knew that with a little make-over they would be perfect for displaying items in my living room!

This is how they started life:

DIY: Wooden Tray Makeover

I liked them like this but they were a little rustic and I wanted to lower the sides a little so you could see what was inside them more easily. As there is a lot of blue in my living room I also thought a lick of navy blue paint would add a nice splash of colour!

DIY: Wooden Tray Makeover

I only used the blue spray paint, but I can't resist buying other colours for future projects!

Firstly, I shaped the sides a little into tiers using a jigsaw, well actually I asked my husband to do it because I'm a scaredy cat, then I got to work with the spray paint.

DIY: Wooden Tray Makeover

I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, it now moves around the living room holding various items, it was originally next to the TV but is now on top of my bookcase holding my collection of vintage bottles.

DIY: Wooden Tray Makeover

It was such a simple project but it has transformed the tray and given it a new lease of life, it now fits in perfectly with the rest of my living room!

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