Currently Loving: How to style your Brand book


I've just finished reading the best - selling book How to Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone of The Brand Stylist and found it to be so helpful and a really interesting read. We are currently working on a re-brand and re-launch of our online shop (more on that soon) and I really wanted to focus on how to create a distinctive brand that will showcase our brand values.

How to style your brand book
The brand stylist

How to style your brand book

How to style your brand book

How to style your brand book

The book focuses on all aspects of brand design from fonts and illustrations to photography and colour psychology, it's also full of handy tips on how to hire designers or how to do it yourself! I particularly enjoyed reading the colour psychology section, I've always been drawn to certain colours but thinking about them in terms of seasons was a revelation!

For anyone thinking about creating a new brand or overhauling an existing one, I would highly recommend this book. It really changes your thinking in terms of what your brand values are, what makes you different and ultimately how to create a distinctive brand identity.

Fiona Humberstone also runs workshops and writes a fantastic blog full of resources and inspiration!


  1. Do you think this is relevant to just interior design or could you read this as a jewelley designer?

    1. You could definitely read it as a jewellery designer. The concepts, such as using colour psychology in your marketing materials and designing a website, are relevant to any brand whether you're starting out or re-launching! X