What to write for your first blog post.....I guess I should tell you a little about myself and why I've started this blog.

I'm Lizzie, I've been happily married to my husband Tevfik for 3 years and we currently live in a rented terrace house together. I've been obsessed with interiors for forever, I used to move my bedroom around constantly when I was a child and always wanted to redecorate - my poor mum! Now I have my own house, I'm able to move things around and collect pieces I love to decorate my home. I can't let loose fully yet though as we are only renting, we are saving for our own home which will be one massive project and canvas for all of my decorating ideas....not sure if my husband knows that!

Eclectic interiors are my thing and I'm passionate about vintage and global pieces - collecting items from flea markets, antique shops, auctions and bringing things back from my travels means my home is filled with items I love, items that bring back fond memories, tell a story and reflect my personality. I believe this is so important, for me, as for a lot of people, my home is my santuary and I want to feel comfortable and happy in my surroundings.

I love traveling and have a constant wanderlust, I'm always looking for new places to go and planing my next trip. My husband is Turkish so we are fortunate enough to visit Istanbul fairly often. My brother also moved to Dubai recently so we're looking forward to visiting him there. Another obsession is food, I am by no means a top chef but I do dabble in cookery and LOVE to eat out and try new foods. I'm into fashion - who doesn't like to look nice - but clothes don't get my heart racing like interiors do and I would much rather hunt around a dusty old antiques shop that a shopping centre...does that make me weird?!

I wanted to start this blog as there's only so much you can say on instagram and I wanted to share my inspirations and obsessions and maybe a few like minded people out there will connect! So, if a large dose of interiors with a sprinkling of travel, fashion and food is your thing, you've come to the right place!

I'll leave you with a few gorgeous images of tom scheerer's bahamas vacation home, featured in Architectural Digest because, 1. I'm loving the pared back Jungalow style and 2. with the constant rain we're having in The UK, I'm dreaming of sunnier climes!

Tom Scheerer's Bahamas Home

Tom Scheerer's Bahamas Home

Tom Scheerer's Bahamas Home

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