A Break in Istanbul

We've just returned from 3 weeks in Istanbul staying with my husbands family. Jacob met his grandparents for the first time, we got a little holiday and we brought back a few things for the shop too.

Sightseeing along the beautiful Bosphorous
We had a great time, relaxing with family and spending some time together thanks to the in-laws babysitting for us!

Tourist selfie at Galata Tower
Drinking coffee at Pierre Loti, overlooking one of the best views in Istanbul
Obsessed with this little shop we stumbled upon, I could have spent all day (actually all week) rummaging
Dessert Stop
We picked up these gorgeous Kilim rugs and cushion covers which will be added to the shop during a big stock update in the next few weeks
Istanbul is a strange place, it's so hectic, it takes forever to get anywhere, it's over-populated and generally an assault on the senses but there is something stragely magical about the city which straddles two continents. Every time we visit there always seems to be somewhere we haven't seen and lots of shopping to be done!

Now we are back it's full steam ahead as we're moving into a little storage/office/photography/studio space in the next few weeks. We definitely need to decide on a catchier name for our 'unit' but we are very excited and feel this could take our little business to the next level. I'll be keeping you all posted and as soon as we're settled, I'll be doing a massive shop update and will let you all know!


Currently Loving: Feed Me Vegan

Feed me Vegan by Lucy Wtason

I don't really make new years resolutions but it is tempting to see the new year as a time to make some changes and one of those changes for me was to get back into cooking and trying out different recipes, it's so easy to get stuck in a rut, always making the same things or living on takeaways or convenience food. I am also really aware (as we have now started weaning Jacob) that I want to set a good example for my son and want to be able to cook one meal that we can all enjoy, so it needs to be healthy!

With this in mind, I recently bought Feed Me Vegan by Lucy Watson. I've never been a massive meat eater and often have days where I don't eat meat at all but I know that I definitely could not commit to a vegan diet fully as I love my dairy, especially cheese! There are many great alternatives to meat such as quorn and tofu but I really don't think the 'dairy free' alternatives are anywhere near as tasty as the real thing! Even though I won't be committing to the lifestyle fully, I'm enjoying the challenge of cooking vegan recipes and its definitely a way of increasing the amount of vegetables and pulses I'm eating as well as just being a little healthier in general!

Vegan cooking

Vegan recipes

vegan recipes

I've tried a few of the recipes from the book and so far, they have been delicious and not the sort of thing I would have cooked without the inspiration from the cookbook. I'm planning on trying out a new recipe at least once a week as well as trying to eat less meat in general. I'll be posting about how I'm getting on and, if I can my photos look anywhere near as good as the ones above, I'll show some photos of the recipes I've tried. Wish me luck!


Shop Update

After having some time off to have Jacob, I quickly realised that there were going to have to be some big adjustments to my life now I had a little person to consider and plan things around! So, with this in mind, we have decided to streamline our shop a little by closing our website and focusing our attention on our etsy shop and hopefully, later in the year, selling at some vintage fairs and markets.

Some recent additions to our etsy shop
When I first started selling online, my main focus was vintage as I love the fact they are one-off items and I really enjoy the process of finding, photographing and selling older pieces. Recently, I have felt as though the website had started to be mainly newer items and I wanted to get back to doing what we love! We will still be selling our new and old textiles including our Turkish rugs and towels (featured above) as we feel they compliment our vintage finds and add a layered and well traveled look.

I'm starting to feel really motivated to get out and find some more unusual and beautiful vintage pieces, so I'll be reducing lots of items in our shop later this week, in order to make room for some new finds, so if you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain, check back in a few days time to see what we've reduced or keep up to date by following The Merry Magpie on instagram.


Getting Back into the swing of things

Hello, it's been a while! My last post was on the 14th July and since then it has been radio silence, well on the blog front at least. On a personal level, so much has happened in the last few months I don't know where to start. Just over 2 weeks after writing that post I gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Jacob.

Since then it has been a whirlwind of sleepless nights, dirty nappies, breastfeeding, lots of worrying about whether we're doing the right thing, way too much googling (which I wouldn't recommend by the way!) and generally wondering what happened to my life!! It has also been the most amazing 5 months filled with so much love, laughter and happiness.

We have also made the decision to move back in with my parents in order to save some money and hopefully look at getting a mortgage and buying our first house in a year or so's time. Oh and FYI if you decide to move house, don't do it just before Christmas with a 5 month old baby in tow!!

It has definitely taken me a while to get used to my new role as a 'mum' and get settled back into living with my parents, but I now feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things again which hopefully includes blogging a lot more often.

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and new year and I'll see you soon with a little shop update!




We've just started watching season 1 of 'The Leftovers', an American drama series set three years after the mysterious disappearance of 2% of the World's population now known as "The Sudden Departure." Set in Mapleton, N.Y., the residents try to maintain equilibrium when the notion of "normal" no longer applies. The show reveals a new world where intense grief has divided families and turned faith to cynicism, paranoia and madness. I must admit I'm gripped by the show but mainly because, like 'the leftovers' themselves, I'm waiting for answers to a lot of questions! It is a little depressing (well very, at times) but Justin Theroux is extremely easy on the eye and makes the whole thing a lot easier to watch!


I've been obsessed with blue and white, especially ceramics, for ages now and am always looking out for more to add to my collection. I would really love to find some larger scale pieces such as Chinese stools and extra large ginger jars.

Timeless and classic blue and white via @m.o.endres on instagram - follow her if you like seriously chic interiors!


I've always loved my food, but I seem to be constantly hungry at the moment, I'm blaming the baby! I'm really loving lots of, what I call, nibbly bits like meats, cheeses, pickles, olives and salad with fresh bread and seem to be eating different versions of that a lot lately, possibly as its a lighter meal in this hot weather.

My go-to 'nibbly bits' meal!


38 weeks - only 2 to go, can't believe how quickly it's gone!
I'm living in dresses at the moment, mainly because I seem to overheat if I wear anything else and also because of my rapidly expanding bump.....maybe thats due to all the eating mentioned above!! This coral dress from H&M maternity is my current favourite as it's a bright Summery colour and fits really well.

Shop Talk

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been trying to keep the website and etsy shop updated as much as possible as things are starting to slow down now with only a couple of weeks left until our baby arrives. Once our son is here I'm planning on doing as much as I can but inevitably, the business will take a bit of a back seat, at least at first while I'm on maternity leave. We are currently working on a massive rug update with LOTS of new Turkish Kilims and Fair Trade rugs being added next week plus we currently have 20% off everything sitewide and have added some gorgeous new accessories for you and your home so why not have a little browse this weekend?!

Currently loving - bold and bright accessories for you and your home!

Have a great weekend, see you all next week!


Kitchen Inspiration

Pink, green and grey/blue - a gorgeous colour combination!
I would love to change my kitchen but I just don't have the budget for it and as as I'm due to give birth in less than 3 weeks (eeek!) our money will definitely be being spent elsewhere! Our kitchen is also perfectly nice, it's not hugely exciting, consisting of faux wood work surfaces and cream units but it is a light, bright kitchen and not ugly at all!

If you are however planning on changing your kitchen or just like to day dream about it like me, deVOL kitchens provide some serious inspiration. All of their kitchens are bespoke and so a little on the pricey side but their imagery is stunning and well worth a peruse if you prefer a more classically designed kitchen (even if it's just to make a mood board and then create the look elsewhere on a budget)! As I will be mentioning more next week, I'm trying to incorporate a little more colour in my home and am currently loving pink and green so this kitchen, from their second showroom in London’s St. John’s Square, really spoke to me.

Those tiles, chandelier and vintage ceramics are just stunning!

This huge pantry style cabinetry provides some serious storage whilst really making a statement

Love the sink, gold hardware and the vintage urns

Copper seems the perfect choice when pared with the soft colour palette

Gorgeous details

Adore the marble worktop on the island

Rustic elements such as the large bowls, logs, wooden chair and rough walls add warmth and texture to the kitchen
I absolutely love this kitchen and the way they've incorporated vintage elements into their styling. Would you be brave enough to go for a pink and green kitchen?

Shop the sale
Oh and before I forget, in other news, we're trying to bring the sunshine back with 20% off everything on the website, use the code 'SUMMERSALE20' at the checkout!


Shop Update

I can't believe how long it's been since my last post, where does time go?! Amazingly it's only 3 weeks now until our son is due, my pregnancy seems to have flown by! So, we're busy trying to update the website and etsy shop with the latest vintage finds as well as our new accessories collection.

Here are some of my favourite new arrivals.....

Large Tassel Basket

Small Boho Keyring

Woven Circular Basket

Multi-Coloured Cotton Hamam Towels

Cotton Hamam Towels

Vintage Pair of Cloisonne Lamps

Vintage Tortoise Shell Bamboo Table or Plant Stand

Antique Moroccan Jug

Vibrant Kilim Cushion Covers
I seem to be drawn to bright pops of colour at the moment, must be something to do with this sunny weather! Hope everyone has a great weekend, see you next week with a living room update and some gorgeous interior inspiration.