Big Little Lies
Absolutely obsessed with this show, based on the novel of the same name, it follows the lives of the super rich living in California, weaving a tale of murder and mischief with a strong undercurrent of domestic violence. The acting is absolutely brilliant, the houses are amazing and the soundtrack is incredible, a real must-see!


World Map
Kind of obsessed with framing a World map for the nursery at the moment, stylish, educational and feeds my constant wanderlust!

I don't know if it's a pregnancy craving but I cannot get enough of stir fried noodles at the moment, chicken, beef or vegetarian, pretty much noodles with anything. I'm also loving pasta too, so maybe it's just a carb thing - which was definitely happening before I was pregnant!!

Shop Talk
Kilim Rugs
We've just added some gorgeous new Turkish Kilim rugs, in great colours, to the website as well as a new 'last-chance-to-buy' sale section. We are also expecting a delivery of more rugs, pouffes and footstools very soon so watch this space!


Mate Gallery
I have been seriously devouring all the images on the mategallery instagram feed, the shop, based in California, is a little too far to travel for a browse but it's seriously packed full of vintage treasures and textiles with a non-twee nautical theme.


Currently Loving: Blue and Black

We're going to be making some changes in our living room soon, which I am really excited about, neither of us have been happy with it since we moved in but we've never had the energy nor the budget to change things. Now, I'm in full nesting mode, I'm desperate to get things done and be happy in our home!

So, we are doing something I've avoided for a very long time.....putting the TV on the chimney breast. I must confess, I've had a bit of an aversion to mounting TV's on chimney breast walls for as long as I can remember, I hate the idea of it being a focal point, but our living room is such an awkward layout with a large chimney breast, alcoves, 3 doors (and walk through's) plus a window to contend with, I've finally given in to common sense and decided that we will get rid of the mantelpiece (which isn't original to the house, I added it when we moved in) and mount the TV on the chimney breast wall, giving us much more room to play with, much to Tefo's delight! However, I have decided that in order to live with this change, I cannot have a huge black TV on a cream wall, so the wall is going to have to be painted black for the TV to blend in and not stand out like a sore thumb, amazingly Tefo has agreed to this and so that's the plan!

As we are going to have a small piece of furniture under the TV for the dreaded speakers and some sort of sound system thing that I don't understand, I have of course been thinking about my accessories and what will look good against the black wall, as you do! Blue (especially navy) has always been my favourite colour, I am just always drawn to it, in clothes and interiors. I am also very partial to ceramics, so a dark blue ceramic vase, planter or ornament is kind of my ideal combination, hence I have a lot of blue accessories. This worried me a little at first, does blue go with black, will it look odd? I may have to re-think the entire plan if I can't incorporate my blue 'bits' so I decided to search for inspiration and now, blue and black is my new favourite colour combo.....here are some images that convinced me.

elle decoration
@sgardnerstyle - Instagram
@sgardnerstyle - Instagram
William McLure
William McLure
The Nice Stuff Collector
There isn't really any blue in this image but I just love how the TV is hidden! Tiffany Grant-Riley via at{mine}
We will hopefully start this project in the next couple of weeks so lookout for photos soon!


New arrivals in the shop

We found out that we're having a baby boy last weekend and are so excited! Blue happens to be my favourite colour so I'm already thinking up nursery schemes!

In other news, we've been busy adding a new collection of fossils, agate, crystal and coral to the website which we are calling - Natural Elements.

New arrivals in the shop

As well as our new collection, I've just updated our rug section with some new Kilims from our last buying trip to Istanbul, we still have a few more longer runners plus a new size of 2.5 meter runners to add over the next few weeks, but we think some of the latest batch are our nicest yet!

New Arrivals in the Shop

I'm definitely in full nesting mode and have started making changes to pretty much every room in the house, so lookout for some reveals soon!

Have a great weekend!


Some News

I know I keep apologising for not blogging regularly but I promise I have a good reason....

I'm 20 weeks pregnant!!

We're expecting our first baby in July and we are so excited, as you can see I plan to get him/her into this vintage thing as early as possible!

I am in serious nesting mode so expect to see lots of posts about nurseries and even more on interiors (I know, thats pretty much all I blog about any way!) as we are slowly giving the whole house a make-over and getting ready for the new arrival. We find out the sex of the baby tomorrow which is so exciting and then the real nursery planning can begin....YES!!

See you all next week with a little baby and shop update. Have a great weekend!


Playing House

It's been a week of 'playing house' this week, we're giving a few of our rooms a little makeover at the moment (stay tuned for reveals soon) and you can tell that Spring is approaching as I seem to be cleaning and sorting through every room in the house!

Mantel re-arrange to incorporate my bargain ginger jar - it's missing it's lid but makes a great vase!
Obsessed with our new bedding, we're going for a black, white and green theme in our bedroom so this was perfect!
My handmade Turkish bowl looks amazing filled with my succulent babies and you can just spot my new Ballerina print in the background which was a ridiculous £5.99!
Bookcase makeover - I decided to colour code my bookcase and give it a little tidy, I'm now debating whether to take the doors off as it look so much better!
Tidier bookcase
We've got a few projects on the go at the moment but our bedroom is nearly finished, I just have to add some artwork to the walls and as per my previous post, it needs to be afordable so I'm planning on having a go at some abstract art and possibly a wall hanging too, all will be revealed soon....as long as it doesn't look too awful that is!


Budget Friendly Wall Art

We are currently making a few changes to our home, nothing major, just updating some of the furniture and switching rooms around a little. One thing I really want to start collecting is more artwork because it can be so transformative in a space and I feel our walls are really bare at the moment.
Of course, this creates the usual dilemma - I want all the things but don't have the budget! Plus I can be a bit fussy and can be known to change my mind so I would have to seriously LOVE a piece of art to invest a lot of money in it. This got me thinking about some ideas for budget friendly wall art.

Budget Friendly Wall Art
This whimsical plate wall is a great way to add some colour and interest to a space and also a nice way to display treasured keepsakes too
Budget Friendly Wall Art
I LOVE this DIY abstract scribble made with acrylic marker pens - I seriously have to have a go at this myself!
Budget Friendly Wall Art
Thinking outside the box always helps to save money - art doesn't have to be paintings, my husband is Turkish so we added a Turkish flag to an old frame and hung it up in our kitchen, it has added so much colour to the space! You could also do a similar thing with your favourite fabric or a piece of wallpaper.
Budget Friendly Wall Art
Printed photos can make a strinking wall feature - companies like Paperwave will print your social photos onto posters, and canvas or even frame them for you.
Budget Friendly Wall Art
Hanging a rug on the wall is a great alternative to more 'traditional' art and adds an extra layer of texture to a room.
Budget Friendly Wall Art
Framing magazine covers or pages is another way to think outside the box, if an image appeals to you why not frame it and add to your wall?!
Budget Friendly Wall Art
Etsy is a great resource for affordable art, I love the print above but an even more budget friendly option is to have a go yourself, type out a saying you like, choose a favourite font and print onto card.
Budget Friendly Wall Art
When everything is mixed together on a gallery wall, it has so much more impact and allows you to add other wall decor such as mirrors, stars and letters.
If you guys have any other ideas for budget friendly wall art, please leave a comment below, I'm hoping to fill every room in the house with some form of art so I'm in need of some budget saving ideas! 


What's new in the shop?

We've given the shop a little update this week - with some old favourites back in stock and some new arrivals listed, it's feeling much fresher and there is a definite blue and white vibe going on!

What's new in the shop

I'm also in the process of updating our etsy shop with some vintage finds and there's more to come next week with a huge batch of Turkish Kilims and vintage rugs to be added, so stay tuned for that!

Hope you all have a great weekend!