T-Shirt Designing

I stumbled across teespring the other day and I have become a little obsessed!!

The idea behind the site is to allow you to design your own t-shirts, tote bags, mugs, or hoodies etc, either to buy yourself or to sell. You can upload your own artwork or use their extensive clip art as well as adding any text you fancy.

This was my first design, probably inspired by my constant state of wanderlust. I think it's the perfect Summer T-shirt whether you're escaping or not, perfect with jeans or dressed up a little with a skirt or over a dress. It would also be great to take on holiday too! It's available in a unisex T-Shirt too which is great for the guys or for the looser 'boyfriend fit'.

I then got hooked on designing T-shirts and did another 3 designs which are now in my teespring store!

I'm loving the 'Patch' tee, it gives you the look of a t-shirt covered in embroidered patches but with no iron or sewing needles required!

I designed the T-shirts to feature fun, whimsical designs with a minimal aesthetic and an emphasis on the Summer and travel. I can't wait to wear mine, although I think I'll be waiting until after the baby arrives as they don't fit over my rapidly expanding bump!! Clearly I have discovered a dangerous past-time so watch this space for more designs.




We are currently obsessed with 'Halt and Catch Fire', an American TV series about the personal computing revolution of the 1980's and the growth of the World Wide Web in the 90's told through the viewpoint of the four main characters. I must admit, it does lose me a little at times due to all the technical language but I find the relationships of the key characters really interesting and I'm fascinated by Joe who constantly has you swinging between loving and hating him! It's also really funny to hear big brands that we all know and use today, such as Apple and Nintendo, mentioned in the early stages of the technology race.


So, as I keep mentioning we are still in the process of updating our living room, this has been delayed due to problems with the sofas that we ordered from tesco. Long story short, we have had to cancel our order and go back to the drawing board. After some deliberation we decided to buy another Ikea Ektorp sofa in dark grey with an extra set of the dark grey covers for our existing Ektorp which is currently white.

Ikea Ektorp Sofa - a much darker grey than this image appears.
I'm so pleased we decided to get another Ektorp, it's saved us money and means we can keep our existing sofa rather than have the headache of trying to get rid of it or move it somewhere else. It is also a much more practical solution as our baby is due in around 7 weeks (scary how quickly time has gone) and the slipcovers are washable!


We seem to have so many projects on the go at the moment which means we don't seem to be able to get one thing completely finished!! The living room and dining room are so nearly there, we just need to hang some art and add those finishing touches. We've just started on the nursery and also decided to try and do something with our much neglected garden (which basically consists of some borders around some ugly slabs that constantly need de-weeding) so we've been visiting lots of garden centres looking for inspiration!

Wish our borders looked like this but they definitely don't!!

Baby Talk

As we're getting closer and closer to meeting our son, I am feeling really nervous! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone and that he will (hopefully) be here soon. There seems to be constant hospital/doctor/midwife appointments at the moment and I've just found out my iron levels are a little low so I need to keep an eye on that. We are making really slow progress with the nursery but I think that will be an ongoing project as he will be sleeping in our bedroom for the first few months any way. I am really liking the idea of putting some small shelves in there though so we can change the artwork around and display toys, books and mementos as we collect them!

Nursery shelves inspiration via Rue Magazine
Take a look at my pinterest board for more nursery inspiration.

Shop Talk

I've been working on adding lots of new products to the website and etsy shop, including a little furniture and lighting collection which we will hopefully be expanding over the next few months as we add new items. I'm really trying to focus on vintage/handmade pieces at the moment as I'm sick of seeing the same new products in different shops and love the unique touch that vintage adds to a home.

Just some of the new arrivals in the shop


Currently Loving: Basket Bags

I've got a bit of a thing for natural materials and I love (and often bring home) any sort of basket made from wicker, rattan, jute, cane or straw. This love affair has always spilled over into my wardrobe - I remember being a teenager at school and having a really cute little straw tote embroidered with roses and being absolutely obsessed (and kind of still am) with French market bags.

I think I'm over the 'belly basket' now and am finding myself really drawn to chic vintage style baskets and more unusual woven bags. Whilst out over the bank holiday weekend, I picked up a little vintage number and am currently having ideas about customising it, this has reignited my love for a basket bag so here are some of my current faves:

Currently loving: basket bags
Chic Woven basket bag via Pinterest
Currently loving: basket bags
Still loving a pom pom via Furbish Studio
Currently loving: basket bags
Liking the unusual round shape via Bohemia Design
Currently loving: basket bags
Always a sucker for a cross body bag via Bohemia Design

This beauty is just £9 from Primark!
I keep toying with the idea of buying a backpack but always think they look a bit 'teen' this one however is seriously chic! Via Pinterest
Yes please to a raffia clutch via Pinterest. Oh and that blue tassel bag charm is coming to the shop very soon as part of our Summer accessories collection!
Simple but stylish straw shopper via H&M
In love with this half moon straw clutch via asos - perfect for holidays!
As I've mentioned before I'm currently working on a little accessories collection for the website and I'm thinking of stocking a small range of baskets/bags, some vintage, some customised and some new - what do you guys think?

For more of my woven bag obsession, check out our pinterest board.


Shop Talk

As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm working on updating the shop and expanding our offerings a little and we've just added some great new vintage items, Turkish towels that are perfect for the Summer months, and a gorgeous rug that would add a bright pop of colour to any space!
New Arrivals in the shop
I'm still collecting pieces for our wall decor collection that I've mentioned before and also have plans in the works for a lighting section as well as a little Summer accessories collection that I'm hoping will all be launched before my baby is due at the end of July.....so it's all go here!

We're also very excited about a new selling partner, we are now selling some of our vintage finds through Pedlars Vintage Marketplace there is definitely more of a rustic/industrial vibe to the stock we are selling through them and there are some exclusives that aren't available through our website or etsy shop so it's worth taking a look as some of it is selling fast!

In other news, it's my 30th birthday tomorrow so we're out with family for a meal tonight and off out for the day tomorrow plus a few meals with friends arranged for next week too - I like to drag out the celebrations for as long as possible plus I really like eating!

We've also been working on decorating the nursery and still seem to be ploughing through bits of decorating throughout the rest of the house too, I know I keep threatening you with some reveals but I really am hoping to take some photos soon and show you what we've been up to. Have a great week!


How to: DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

DIY no weave yarn wall hanging

Lately I've become a little obsessed with wall hangings, I think it's because I'm on some weird mission to fill every blank wall in my house and it's nice to have something other than framed artwork plus they also add a really lovely textural element. I've seen quite a few online that I like but I fancied having a go at making one myself.

I must come clean and admit that I can't take the credit for this tutorial at all, I found it here and honestly, you should go there and check it out as hers is so much better than mine but for a first attempt and for someone who does not consider themselves 'crafty' I am pretty pleased with it!

DIY no weave wall hanging

The only thing I did differently to the original tutorial is used larger hoops and bamboo rather than a wooden dowel. I really like the bamboo but if, like my husband, you have OCD tendencies, I would recommend a dowel for a more uniform finish, the bamboo is slightly wonky!!

DIY yarn wall hanging

I hung mine in my bedroom as I feel it brings some much needed texture.

DIY yarn wall hanging

The black and white 'spotty' painting and green canvas below the wall hanging were also little DIY projects. The black and white spot is supposed to resemble an animal print, I just blobbed acrylic paints onto paper and then put it in an old frame. The green canvas was just me playing around with acrylics in different colours, kind of going for an abstract vibe! Anyway I digress...head on over to the homeyohmy blog for the full tutorial!


Minimalist Beach Home

Minimalist Beach Home

I am normally a maximalist when it comes to decorating, I can't help collecting 'stuff' but when I saw this post about this stunning beach house in Sydney, I was instantly drawn to its calmness and uncluttered vibe! Maybe it's because we have so many mini projects going on at the moment and the house is a tip or maybe its because I can't resist a beachside home but something about this house really does it for me and with views this incredible you really don't need much else.

Oversized elements such as the shades and urns above add unexpected, almost whimsical touches

That blue exterior!

A statement floor means everything else can be kept clean and simple

The lamp shade and bedspread add much needed warmth an interest in the form of texture

The marble island and that view...gorgeous!


Shop Catch up

I mentioned in my last post that I was feeling a little more inspired with the website lately and so, we've been busy adding lots of new arrivals to the site. Below are some of my favourites....

Vintage Copper Lassi Cups
Vintage Florentine Tray
Vintage Blue and White Ginger Jar
Kilim Foostool
Large Agate Slice
Large Amethyst Tealight Holder
Beetle Paperweight
Glass Dome with Black Base
Small Vintage Rug
Small Kilim Rug
As you can see, it's an eclectic mix of old and new rugs and decor items but thats just how we like it! We are also super excited to be working on a wall decor collection which should be launching in the next couple of weeks, again it will be a mix of old and new pieces, perfect for the current gallery wall trend, so watch this space.

Have a great weekend!